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Welcome to the Talent Database.

The place to be found & hired by Brands

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Just like a Talent or Modelling Agency, Woo Pull has a Database of Content Creators from around the world who are interested

in collaborating with Top Brands. 



The Talent Database will only include the following:

A good image of you (head shot/body shot) You can send us your own images or we can try and lift some images off your social media.

Your Social Media Stats (Followers/Subscribers/Engagement rate/avg. comments p/post etc.)

Examples of posts from your Social Media


If you are "New Talent" & not yet signed with Woo Pull the Talent Database will NOT include the following:

Your handle or full name 

Any links to your social media or websites.


Your Handle/Name/Social Media links are only shared with a brand once they select you and sign an agreement with Woo Pull

or if you get signed by Woo Pull as an official Micro Influencer.

Getting Signed by Woo Pull. The Process!


You've applied to be a Woo Pull Influencer or perhaps you were scouted by Woo Pull.


If you are selected Woo Pull will inform you that you have been selected to appear on the Woo Pull Talent Database under the category "New Talent".


You are selected from the Talent database for a sponsored or paid collaboration


Woo Pull may sign you on as an official Woo Pull Micro Influencer. This will require you signing a contract with Woo Pull committing to certain terms and conditions that help to protect you as a creator, Woo Pull as a representing agency and the brands you will be working with. 



In order to protect your rights and to ensure that you are granting Woo Pull permission to market you as a creator using your image and examples of your content and work we do require you sign a Release Agreement with Woo Pull. 


This agreement can be terminated with Woo Pull at any time and it bares no obligation on your part. This agreement is different from the Woo Pull Micro Influencer agreement you will sign (PHASE 2) if you actually get selected for a collaboration.

Join the Talent Database Here


Choose which format you prefer. Download and Sign the Woo Pull Talent Database Agreement and email to: or upload it in Step 2


You may use these facilities to upload:

  • Signed Agreement

  • Images of yourself that Woo Pull may use

  • Examples of your Content


Include your details, choose which Brands you would prefer to work with and add links to your Social Media Platforms &/or Blogs that you will be creating content on

Choose File
Join Talent Database


May I have access to the Talent Database?


Yes, once you get your first collab and get signed by Woo Pull you will move from "New Talent" to "Woo Pull Talent" in the Talent Database. Only then will you have access to the Talent Database.


What are my chances of being hired by a Brand if I am listed on the Talent Database?


We cannot guarantee that your profile will be exactly what Brands or specific marketing campaigns are looking for. But we can assure you that it is in Woo Pull's best interest to have as many Influencers working, as much as possible all year round. Our aim is to only invite Creators to the Talent Database who we believe we we can get collaborations for. 


Can I update my images you are using to market me on the Talent Database?


Yes, we would love to keep fresh, new images of you and your posts on the Database. Anything that improves your chances of landing a collaboration.


What assurances do I have that Woo Pull will market me in an ethical & appropriate way as a creator?


In the Talent Database Application (Step 3) you can select from a range of options as to which brands you are prepared to collaborate with. If there is any sector or brand you would prefer not to work with for whatever reason you must mention this to Woo Pull.


Woo Pull guarantees that the Talent Database is and will be used for the sole purpose of promoting creators for potential brand collaborations and sponsored content. It is our ethical promise to not represent you or your image in a derogatory or defamatory way. 


What if I am not happy with a Brand that wishes to work with me?


Before any Paid or Unpaid collaboration work you are given a collaboration brief. You have a choice whether to accept the offer or not. However, once you sign the collaboration agreement you must deliver according to the brief. 


What if I'm listed on the Talent Database but never get hired by a brand for a collaboration?


This is unfortunate and Woo Pull aims to only invite Creators who we feel our brand partners will respond to. In this unusual case Woo Pull may offer some advice and Tips on what you can do to improve your chances. 


Can I direct possible leads or collaboration contacts to the Talent Database?


Yes you can. We do advise that you communicate with us before doing so so we can ensure that the lead or contact is focused on your profile, giving you the very best chance of landing the collaboration deal. 


Can I earn commission for referring paid collaborations through Woo Pull?


Yes, certainly! By directing brands to work through Woo Pull in your collaboration deal Woo Pull will offer you a finders fee (Bonus) for brining in the work.  

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