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Unboxing videos involve recording and sharing the process of unpacking and revealing the contents of a newly purchased product, providing viewers with a virtual experience of the product before making a purchase decision.

Explainer videos, on the other hand, are concise and engaging videos that simplify complex ideas, products, or processes, using visuals and narration to convey information in a clear and understandable manner. They are commonly used by businesses and organizations to explain concepts, promote products, or provide instructional content.


For this project, WooPull documented the unboxing and installation process of Solar Panel String Lights, creating an informative and engaging video. Clear and concise narration guides viewers through the unboxing process, highlighting the different components and their functionalities.

Next, we transition to the installation phase, where the camera captures the step-by-step setup of the string lights. Close-up shots emphasize the quality and details of the product, showcasing its durability and ease of installation. The video includes clear instructions and helpful tips to guide viewers through each installation step, ensuring a smooth and successful setup process.


As we begin unboxing, the camera focuses on every step, showcasing the unwrapping of the carefully packaged leather toiletry bag. Close-up shots highlight the bag's craftsmanship, emphasizing the quality of the materials and the fine stitching. The video pays special attention to the intricate details, such as the metal zippers, logo engravings, and the smooth texture of the leather.

To enhance the visual appeal, we film the bag from various angles, ensuring that viewers get a comprehensive view of its design and functionality. We capture shots of the bag being opened, closed, and demonstrating its capacity by placing different grooming essentials inside.


In this unboxing and explainer video, WooPull showcases a double camera holder harness made from high-quality leather, providing viewers with a comprehensive understanding of its design, functionality, and benefits. We highlight the key features with close-up shots that focus on the rich texture and durability of the leather, emphasizing its premium quality.

The narrator guides viewers through the various components, including the adjustable straps, secure buckles, and the innovative design that allows for comfortable and balanced camera carrying.


WooPull makes use of heartwarming moments, featuring individuals sharing their deep bond with their pets and loved ones. We capture shots of people cuddling their pets, embracing family members, and cherishing memorable moments together. These scenes evoke a sense of love and connection, setting the emotional tone for the rest of the video. Testimonial style scenes sharing sizing creates relatable and useful information.

The final result is a captivating and emotionally resonant video that effectively showcases ASDF Print's service of printing pets and loved ones on hoodies.


With our comprehensive one-stop shop approach, product sellers no longer need to juggle multiple agencies for their production needs. We provide a wide range of production services, offering a customizable package that includes essential offerings while also accommodating additional services based on your specific requirements.


We create compelling and persuasive scripts that effectively showcase your products


If your product requires installation or demonstration the talent will do this in the video


Apart from studio shoots we are able to film on location and can scout the perfect site


We can purchase and setup props or items required to showcase your product

US$ 255



  • Video Filming & Editing

  • Filmed in studio 

  • 30-45 Seconds Running Time

  • Full HD Quality

  • 1 Length Variation

  • 1 Size Orientation

  • Lifestyle Model presents the Product and speaks about it

  • Closeups of your Product

  • Branding with your Logo

  • Background Music

  • NO Revision included

  • NO Demonstration of product included


Mike, Siera Fins

Thank you! Very well done. I’m a repeat customer and this is the third project Claude has completed for my business. I highly recommend his services.

US$ 355


UNBoxing/explainer + demonstration

  • Video Filming & Editing

  • Scriptwriting

  • Filmed in studio or indoor location 

  • 30-120 Seconds Running Time

  • Full HD Quality / 4K

  • 1 Length Variation

  • 1 Size Orientation

  • Closeups of your Product

  • Lifestyle Model presents the Product and speaks about it

  • Lifestyle model demonstrating your product

  • Text Overlay

  • Branding with your Logo

  • Background Music

  • 1 Revision included

phood copy.png

Harisson Kriegr, Phood for Thought

You absolutely crushed this video!! Incredible job, we couldn't be happier and a million thank yous for taking the time to get it done right and not rushed. Should we have any future needs we will certainly be back!

US$ 455


unboxing/explainer video + short product video

  • Video Filming & Editing

  • Scriptwriting

  • Filmed in studio/indoor location/outdoor location

  • 30 Seconds - 4 Minutes Running Time

  • Short 30-45 seconds product video 

  • Full HD Quality / 4K

  • 1 Length Variation

  • 2 Size Orientations

  • Closeups of your Product

  • Lifestyle Model presents the Product and speaks about it

  • Lifestyle model demonstrating/installing your product

  • Text Overlay

  • Branding with your Logo

  • Background Music

  • 1 Revision included

unexpected copy.png

Andre Mostert, Unexpected Worx

I did not have time to spend time and effort on a promotional video for my product and gave WooPull creative freedom and direction on my project and he nailed it perfectly. Very satisfied will be using him for my other products!


Image by Jonas Leupe

Step 1

  • Contact Us with your Video requests and ideas. Share you product links, videos you may like.

  • We present you with a concept, price and filming plan

Image by Pope Moysuh

Step 2

  • Ship the Product to your closest WooPull Collection Point

  • Settle 50% downpayment of the Production Fee. This books your project in our Schedule.

Creative Team in Studio

Step 3

  • We film, edit and submit 

  • If you selected a video package with a Revision included you approve video or request editing changes.

  • We send you final draft for approval

  • Once you approve you settle the remaining 50% invoice

  • You receive all the files and content

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