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UGC Video

UGC stands for User-Generated Content. It is a form of content that is created and distributed by everyday people using various devices such as smartphones, cameras, or webcams. Typically filmed in 9:16 aspect ratio.

UGC videos can encompass a wide range of content types and genres, including but not limited to:

  1. HOW-TO VIDEOS: Tutorials or instructional videos created by users to teach others a particular skill or demonstrate a process.

  2. REVIEWS: Videos where individuals provide their opinions and evaluations of products, services, or experiences.

  3. UNBOXING VIDEOS: Videos where users unpack and showcase the contents of a newly purchased product.

  4. ON-SCREEN RECORDINGS: Videos capturing footage of websites or apps often accompanied by commentary or reactions.

UGC videos are typically shared on various online platforms and social media networks such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. They have gained immense popularity due to their authenticity, relatability, and the ability of individuals to express themselves creatively. UGC videos have also enabled ordinary people to reach a wide audience and have a significant impact on online culture and trends.


WooPull also creates experiential videos such as this ASMR video for Tik Tok. In this captivating video, we present the delicate art of unboxing and showcasing a cell phone protective cover. We include sound engineering as vital part of this video including sounds of unwrapping, the satisfying clicks, taps, visual and auditory experience, leaving viewer with a tingling sensation and a newfound appreciation for safeguarding their precious device.


Filming at a stunning oceanside location WooPull filmed this Social Media video which celebrates the passion and spirit of fishing enthusiast Apparel. We highlight the durability and functionality of the fishing apparel, designed to enhance performance and style on the water. A fun and adventurous sound track was selected to compliment the video and the scenes were fast and demonstrated the range. 


WooPull's makes use of vibrant young stars, with beaming smiles and joyful spirits, demonstrating the comfort and practicality of Kids Flat Socks. Filmed in studio with added graphic elements for effect. The video also highlights the vibrant designs and fun patterns available in the Kids Flat Socks collection. Together with a catchy sound track the video comes to life and is cute, funny and engaging. 


WooPull's aim was to create a fun viewing experience in this Social Media video that showcases the unboxing and fun process of displaying this personalized hanging wall art. The video takes viewer through a symphony of images and motion, as viewers experience the joy and nostalgia seeing familiar pieces. The ease of hanging and re-hanging is demonstrated with the focus entirely on the product, complimented with a happy, light-hearted sound track.


With our comprehensive one-stop shop approach, product sellers no longer need to juggle multiple agencies for their production needs. We provide a wide range of production services, offering a customizable package that includes essential offerings while also accommodating additional services based on your specific requirements.


We create compelling and persuasive scripts that effectively showcase your products


If your product requires installation or demonstration the talent will do this in the video


Apart from studio shoots we are able to film on location and can scout the perfect site


We can purchase and setup props or items required to showcase your product

US$ 95



  • Video Filming & Editing

  • Filmed in studio or home/indoors

  • 10-30 Seconds Running Time

  • 1 Lifestyle model talking to camera

  • Full HD Quality

  • 1 Size Orientation (9:16 or 16:9)

  • NO Revision included

  • NO Text/Captions

  • NO Music


Jackpot land

This delivery exceeded expectations. Thank you! Always Super pleased with the delivered quality, speed and value! It's going to be fun making more of these for sure!

US$ 155


UGC Indoors/outdoors video

  • Video Filming & Editing

  • Filmed in studio or home/indoors/outdoors

  • 10-45 seconds Running Time

  • 1 Lifestyle model talking to camera

  • Full HD Quality

  • 1 Size Orientation (9:16 or 16:9)

  • 4/5 Captions included

  • Background music

  • NO Revision included

pwa copy.png

Zach, Private Wealth Academy

Claude did a great job with this project. If you're looking for someone to help you with ugc videos or video ads for social media he does a great job at a fair price.

US$ 255


4K UGC Video with Product Demonstration

  • Video Filming & Editing

  • Filmed in studio or home/indoors/outdoors

  • 10-60 seconds Running Time

  • 1 Lifestyle model talking to camera

  • Lifestyle model demonstrating product

  • Full HD Quality / 4K

  • 1 Size Orientation (9:16 or 16:9)

  • 4/5 Captions included

  • Background music included

  • 1 Revision included

kidslox copy.png

Tanya, Kidslox

Working with Claude was amazing! He is professional and very timely with his work. He went above and beyond to create an amazing UGC video for my business. 10/10 would definitely recommend Claude! Thank you!


Image by Jonas Leupe

Step 1

  • Contact Us with your Video requests and ideas. Share you product links, videos you may like.

  • We present you with a concept, price and filming plan

Image by Pope Moysuh

Step 2

  • Ship the Product to your closest WooPull Collection Point

  • Settle 50% downpayment of the Production Fee. This books your project in our Schedule.

Creative Team in Studio

Step 3

  • We film, edit and submit 

  • If you selected a video package with a Revision included you approve video or request editing changes.

  • We send you final draft for approval

  • Once you approve you settle the remaining 50% invoice

  • You receive all the files and content

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