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LIFESTYLE Product Video

A lifestyle product video showcases a product within a specific lifestyle or aesthetic, emphasizing how it enhances and fits into that particular lifestyle. These videos create an emotional connection by portraying relatable scenarios and aspirational settings, using high-quality visuals and storytelling techniques. They aim to evoke desires and aspirations, influencing consumer behavior by demonstrating how the product seamlessly integrates into the target audience's desired lifestyle. Lifestyle product videos are effective tools for brands to communicate their values, promote products, and establish a connection with their target audience.


WooPull's professional filming services were used to showcase the product's automatic self-cleaning mechanism, odor control system and easy maintenance and to show how this improved a pet owner's life and overall experience for both the cat and the owner. WooPull uses trained animals for Pet Product videos. Working with Animals and Kids is not easy but our years of experience working with both has helped us create engaging and visually beautiful videos like this.


WooPull employed a creative and visually engaging approach to showcase this product. In addition to close-up shots, we incorporated dynamic camera movements to add a sense of energy and excitement to the video. We used smooth panning and tracking shots to follow the tray's movements, providing a dynamic perspective and showcasing its functionality from different angles. The final result was a visually captivating video that effectively showcased the Ice Tray's features and left viewers excited to experience its benefits for themselves.


To capture the essence of the Hand Auger Wrench and create an engaging and beautiful video, WooPull embarked on a creative filming adventure in the enchanting woods. We carefully selected a picturesque location deep within the woods, with a backdrop of tall trees, lush foliage, and serene surroundings. This setting provided a natural and visually appealing environment that perfectly complemented the Hand Auger Wrench's rugged and versatile nature. To enhance the video's visual appeal, we incorporated creative camera movements. Smooth tracking shots followed the wrench as it was used in different scenarios, providing a sense of fluidity and adding an element of cinematic storytelling.


In our successful video for the Kiddy Cart, WooPull created a visually captivating and heartwarming experience by incorporating children and a beautiful oceanside location. We showcased the Kiddy Cart in action, seamlessly integrating it into the children's playful adventures. We capture shots of the cart being effortlessly maneuvered across the sand, highlighting its lightweight and user-friendly design. The children's expressions of excitement and delight reinforce the cart's appeal as a source of endless fun and convenience. Filming style resembled vlogging to replicate a family youtube video. WooPull makes use of children often in lifestyle product videos making products like this more relatable for parents and families. 



We create compelling and persuasive scripts that effectively showcase your products


We use a variety of professional voiceover artists to bring your video to life


We scout talent such as actors and models and match these with your project


Apart from studio shoots we are able to film on location and can scout the perfect site


We can purchase and setup props or items required to showcase your product

With our comprehensive one-stop shop approach, product sellers no longer need to juggle multiple agencies for their production needs. We provide a wide range of production services, offering a customizable package that includes essential offerings while also accommodating additional services based on your specific requirements.

US$ 355


Lifestyle video, studio+simple location

  • Video Filming & Editing

  • Filmed in studio + 1 simple location (bedroom/kitchen/bathroom/living room)

  • 1 Lifestyle model

  • 15-45 Seconds Running Time

  • Full HD Quality

  • 1 Length Variation

  • 1 Size Orientation

  • Closeups of your Product

  • Lifestyle model demonstrating/using product

  • Text Overlay

  • Branding with your Logo

  • Background Music

  • 1 Revision included

kitpulse copy.png

Vladimir, Kitpulse

The work looks very professional and is amazing and has a very positive effect on me and I believe also on the customers. The communication is on a friendly level and I definitely recommend and would be happy to return to him again. Thanks for a job well done.

US$ 455


lifestyle 4k video, studio+special location

  • Video Filming & Editing

  • Filmed in studio + 

  • Filmed at 1 special location (indoors/outdoors/beach/mountains)

  • 15-60 Seconds Running Time

  • Full HD Quality / 4K

  • 2 Length Variation

  • 1 Size Orientation

  • Closeups of your Product

  • 1 to 2 Lifestyle models demonstrating/using your product

  • Text Overlay

  • Branding with your Logo

  • Background Music

  • 1 Revision included

  • 5 Lifestyle photos taken during filming

munchkin copy.png

Prajay, Munchkin

Woopull has been a pleasure to work with. The video was perfect and surpassed my expectations by a mile. would highly recommend!!

US$ 555


Lifestyle cinematic style video

  • Cinematic Filming & Editing techniques

  • Filmed in studio +

  • Filmed at 1/2 special locations (indoors/outdoors/beach/mountains)

  • 15-90 Seconds Running Time

  • Full HD Quality / 4K

  • 2 Length Variation

  • 2 Size Orientation options

  • Closeups of your Product

  • 1/2/3 Lifestyle models, full body/face view, demonstrating your product. 1 Child model can be included.

  • Text Overlay

  • Branding with your Logo

  • Background Music

  • Scriptwriting

  • American accent Voiceover

  • 1 Revision included

  • 5 Lifestyle photos taken during filming


 Seppo, Misal

Great communication and exquisite final delivery. Will definitely come back for more. Awesome extras and flexibility for customizations.


Image by Jonas Leupe

Step 1

  • Contact Us with your Video requests and ideas. Share you product links, videos you may like.

  • We present you with a concept, price and filming plan

Image by Pope Moysuh

Step 2

  • Ship the Product to your closest WooPull Collection Point

  • Settle 50% downpayment of the Production Fee. This books your project in our Schedule.

Creative Team in Studio

Step 3

  • We film, edit and submit 

  • If you selected a video package with a Revision included you approve video or request editing changes.

  • We send you final draft for approval

  • Once you approve you settle the remaining 50% invoice

  • You receive all the files and content

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