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TOP 3 Reasons to be a Woo Pull Micro Influencer



Forget wasting time writing Pitches just to get turned down or flat out ignored brands! Woo Pull pitches brands for you - freeing up your time to do what you do best - create content!



Ever have a brand go silent when it was time to pay? Forget waiting 90 days or more to get paid - Woo Pull gets Influencers paid faster than any other agency out there! If things go wrong, we've got your back and our legal team kick into action.



Woo Pull doesn't have 1000's of other creators for you to compete with. We're a personal agency that believes in creating relationships with our brands and our Influencers.

Getting Signed by Woo Pull. The Process!


Creators on the database have not necessarily been signed by Woo Pull (especially if they appear as "New Talent") but have shown potential and have given their consent to appear on the database for brand & collaboration consideration. Brands have access to the Talent Database and can make selections from it for sponsored or paid work. 

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 What is the Talent Database? 

Talent Database


You've applied to be a Woo Pull Influencer or perhaps you were scouted by Woo Pull.

Great Job!


If you are selected Woo Pull will inform you that you have been selected to appear on the Woo Pull Talent Database under the category "New Talent".


You are selected from the Talent database for a sponsored or paid collaboration



Woo Pull may sign you on as an official Woo Pull Micro Influencer. This will require you signing a contract with Woo Pull committing to certain terms and conditions that help to protect you as a creator, Woo Pull as a representing agency and the brands you will be working with. 

Questions & Answers



How do you choose which Creators to work with?

There are a variety of factors we look at when selecting which creators we would like to work with. We analyse your social media platforms and check the following:

  1. Following - How many active followers do you have

  2. Engagement - How engaged is your following. Do they actively share & comment on your posts? Do you have a Tribe\engaged community.

  3. Content - Quality of content is an important factor for us. How much effort do you put in your posts. This is a good indication as to how much effort you'll probably put in a sponsored post.


What if I'm not selected?

Don't take it personally! Brands might not be looking for a content creator in your area of expertise or demographic. Remember we're an agency that not only manages campaigns for Brands but represents Influencers and so our job is to ensure that our Influencers earn a good income each month to encourage them to create more content. We won't sign up new Influencers if we don't realistically have enough work at that time for that particular market. 


If my Application is not accepted what can I do to improve my chances next time. What changes can I make to my content?

There are a range of videos, blogs and podcasts on this topic so you may want to check those out. From a Woo Pull perspective we would encourage you to look at your Social Media Posts and see what message or story you're trying to communicate and how much value you bring to your followers. Do you have an active following? If not, figure out how to start growing one!


Woo Pull chooses creators who have the ability to influencer or communicate effectively to an active audience or following. This is why brands work with us. They want to reach your audience. 


How many followers or subscribers do I need to qualify?

Woo Pull is a Micro Influencer Agency and so we're only interested in working with creators who have between 1000 - 100 000 active followers. Size does not matter to us! You can have 40 000 subscribers but none of them comment or share your posts - or you can have only 1000 followers but 80% of them are engaged - of these 2 which do you think we would be more interested in?



If I am on the Talent database can I continue to pitch to brands on my own and work with other Influencer agencies?


Yes & No. Being selected to appear on the Talent Database as "New Talent"is non committal and allows you the freedom to still continue doing your own thing. However, should Woo Pull sign you as an official Woo Pull Micro Influencer or should you get selected by one of our brand clients - you will not be allowed to work with any other Influencer agencies or do private brand wor as Woo Pull will be doing this for you.


Can I get my own sponsored work?


Yes & No! If you are not signed as an official Woo Pull Micro Influencer and simply appear on the "New Talent" category on the Talent Database - you are able to get your own sponsored work. 


If you are signed on as a Woo Pull Micro Influencer then certain restrictions apply. These can be examined in your Contract. As a Woo Pull Influencer you are able to work with Woo Pull in closing deals with brands but the deal must be concluded through Woo Pull.


What if brands contact me directly?


If you have been selected for the Talent Database and you are not currently signed into a contract with Woo Pull as a Micro Influencer than you may take on any private sponsored and paid work you wish.


Woo Pull does reserve the right to ensure that prior communication with brands using the Woo Pull Talent database did not prompt the brand to pursue the creator directly. To avoid this Woo Pull has taken certain precautions. If however, this does occur the creator will be informed and the creator may then have to choose whether to continue privately with the collaboration and risk suspension from the Talent Database & future work with Woo Pull or whether to refer the collaboration to Woo Pull to manage exclusively from that point onwards. 


How can I work with Woo Pull to get more paid work?


We encourage Influencer involvement and so this means you can actively work with Woo Pull in getting more sponsored work. Heres how:


  1. You know your audience and the brands they respond to. Work with us by informing us of potential brands or products that would interest your followers. 

  2. Do you have a niche following? Work with Woo Pull in creating pitches that speak your brand's language

  3. Do you have creative ideas for marketing campaigns. We want to hear them! 


What if I decide I no longer want to work with Woo Pull?


If you are not signed as an official Woo Pull micro Influencer and only appear on the Talent Database as "New Talent" then you can decide at any time to be taken off the database. Woo Pull requires written notice. Email is sufficient but the removal request must be confirmed by Woo Pull before it will go into effect. 


If you are signed on as a Woo Pull Micro Influencer certain conditions apply. Please refer to your contract for details. Basically 3 months written notice is required. All sponsored and paid collaborations within the 3 month notice period must be honored by the Influencer. Any sponsored or paid collaborations reserved for after the 3 month notice period will be negotiated with the Influencer or cancelled and given to an alternative Influencer at Woo Pull's sole discretion. 



What is the lead time for delivery of content?


This varies by brand, campaign and platform you communicate on. Typically Woo Pull aims to deliver content within 1-2 weeks after a collaboration agreement has been signed. 


Do I get to keep the brand's products I use in my content?


In 99% of the time yes you do! This obviously applies to products that have been sponsored and shipped to you. If you are creating content for a motor vehicle brand or you are on location at a brand's factory or store you will most probably not receive free product. 


The specifics of every collaboration are clearly communicated in the Collaboration brief and agreement.


Are all collaborations paid?


No. Many new or smaller Influencers are happy to receive free product/meals/services/stays etc. in exchange of content. This is worth considering if you are new to Influencing and trying to build your portfolio and experience. 


Remember, brands are attracted by your previous work experience. If you have none - it may be worth doing a few free collabs to get some. 


Do some brands pay more than others?


Yes. Smaller brands may require smaller campaigns using a limited budget. Larger brands often employ more than 1 influencer and have larger marketing spending power and make use of Woo Pull to reach a wider audience through various campaigns and strategies. 


Do I have a choice in the brands I will be working with?


When a creator is accepted to appear on the Talent Database they complete a selection of what brands they would prefer (Step 3). Once signed on as an official Woo Pull Micro Influencer Woo Pull will communicate with the Influencer about possible brand and collaboration opportunities and at this time if the creator has a conflict with a certain brand or product they are able to refuse the collaboration. 


The only time an Influencer cannot refuse to work with a brand is once the deal is complete and collaboration agreement signed by all parties.


What if I fail to deliver?


Woo Pull takes this seriously as our reputation is important to us in the industry. We also understand that life happens and so if for whatever reason you are unable to deliver on a paid or sponsored collaboration you must communicate this with Woo Pull as soon as possible. If Woo Pull fails to deliver an alternative Influencer to take your place the brand may choose to pursue legal action against Woo Pull - especially if considerable expense has been covered by the brand. In this case Woo Pull may need to take legal action.


To avoid this we simply ask Influencers to maintain focus and keep paid collaborations as priority in their schedule and content planning.  


Does Woo Pull only work with US brands?


No. Woo Pull is an International Agency and so we've worked with brands from all over the world. Most of our branded work does seem to hail from the United States but this may also be due to the fact that America is a little more advanced in Influencer marketing than other countries which are new to the game. 


If I am not an American Influencer can I still work with US brands?


Absolutely! Woo Pull is your Agent that represents you in the US and around the world. It is our job to secure you collaboration deals, get products shipped to you and get you paid in your own currency.



How does payment work?


Woo Pull manages payment. We accept funds from brands and hold it until the final phase of the collaboration which is when you the creator upload the content. After you upload we make payment into your account using wire transfer, Paypal or check. 


How much does Woo Pull take from my earnings?


Woo Pull Analyses the Brand's marketing requirements and calculates a good and fair fee for your content. This fee will be offered to you and you may decide whether to accept it or pass. Remember that Woo Pull provides a range of services for Brands and so the fee charged for an entire marketing campaign is made up of various other services that Woo Pull offers the brand. 

Who Pays Taxes?


Woo Pull uses Influencer services on a contract basis and so it is the creator's responsibility to pay all taxes on earnings paid by Woo Pull. As an Influencer you are not an employee of Woo Pull but rather a free agent or freelancer contracted by Woo Pull for specific brand collaborations. It is your responsibility to invoice Woo Pull and pay all necessary taxes and local deductions according to the laws of your state or country. Woo Pull may request a W8 or W9 from you.


How much can I earn as an Influencer?


This is probably the number 1 question we get asked at Woo Pull. Earnings vary depending on platform. Certain platforms fetch a higher rate from brands than others - e.g. YouTube content earns more than Twitter. Woo Pull negotiates the very best rates with brands as it offers a large variety of services. Creators that produce quality content are hired more often and can easily earn between $4 000 - $10 000 a month. Our Star Influencers can earn in the thousands for just 1 collaboration.

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