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TOP 3 Reasons to work with FourieFamCam



We're known for our Experienced & Professional approach to brand collaborations. We try to keep things natural, truthful & relatable for our viewers & followers but we also understand how important your brand image, product information & business goals are - probably better than most other influencers out there!



Negotiating rates with Influencers & marketing agencies can be a minefield with nasty surprises and disappointing results. Our fees are reasonable, fair and set (see below) & our content delivered without wild, outrageous promises. We are Family Influencers and love what we do & will always be transparent with the brands we work with.



Read our Success Stories & Testimonials and see why 70% of all the brands who work with us choose to work with us again and again. Once FourieFamCam becomes your brand Ambassadors we remain loyal to your brand for life, often sending you content for free as we make use of your products.

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Engaging Content Created for the following Sectors

Baby, Maternity & Nursing Products

Kids Products & Toys

Family Lifestyle Products

Outdoor & Sports Equipment

Family Health & Hygiene

Baby, Toddler, Teen & Adult Apparel

Beauty & Cosmetics

Men's Grooming & Lifestyle

Home & Decorating



FourieFamCam Case Studies

Case Studies
iGPS Watch.jpg
Doki Watch kids.jpg
Doki Watch.jpg
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Doki watch .jpg
Doki copy.jpg
Doki Watch FourieFamCam.jpg



Kids Smart




Doki Technologies is a Hong Kong Tech company that produces 3G Smartwatches for children aged 5+. The device contains calling, GPS tracking, and fitness tracking features.


Family YouTubers were approached to use and create a YouTube video of their experience, demonstrating the smartwatch's key functions while also showcasing a typical usage scenario of a child getting lost being able to use the device to alert parent and then video call with parent until safely home.


The Video went viral & continues to grow in views over 339 000. Over 1600 comments from interested customers requesting purchase details. Doki Technologies were impressed with the results and recently collaborated with FourieFamCam for a second time.



Carrera Toys is an Austrian founded brand that has been around since 1920. Today It is one of the most Internationally recognizable toy brands specialising in slot cars and toy automobile home entertainment.  


Several Campaigns and collaborations with Carrera - each with specific social media objectives such as the launch of the licensed Disney Pixar Cars Race Track set. Launch of the the Carrera Go Plus with new integrated speaker & bluetooth chip and more recently our latest collab featuring the Mario Kart RC cars. Our Influencer brief has always been simple: Create content using the product. With all the collaborations as evidence we can say our content has achieved its obvious objectives of creating awareness of the brand, introducing new products launches to  customers, videos that demonstrate assembly and social media posts that gave shoppers around Christmas time ideas for gifts.


YouTube and Social Media posts were used, with some content going viral and continuing to grow in views at specific times of year, namely around Christmas time. Repeat collaboration an obvious sign of performance success.

Carrera Influencers.jpg
Carrera Fourie Family.jpg
Carrera slots.jpg
Carrera Slot Car Influencer.jpg
Carrera first copy.jpg
Carrera Influencer.jpg


Slot Cars

& RC Toys

Stokke Influencer.jpg
stokke Nursery.jpg


Baby & Nursery




Stokke is the Rolls Royce of Baby strollers and Baby Gear and Furniture and being a Norwegian brand founded in 1932 it has been an honor for us to work with such a reputable brand. Stokke distributes their products worldwide and together with another brand dominates the luxury baby gear sector.


Using our Family Micro Influencers various Stokke products and collaborations have been completed. From pregnancy right through to the toddler years, demonstrating Stokke's range and age versatility. YouTube, Facebook & Instagram were all used successfully to promote the brand and its product range.


Though not every collab goes viral, its especially encouraging when they do and so we were very pleased with the performance of the Stokke Xplory Stroller campaign. Another brand partnership with numerous collabs and ongoing campaigns, a testament to our content success.

Why FourieFamCam Collaborations are Successful



Brands insist on Excellence and that's why we insist on detailed briefs. For Brands that aren't sure what they're looking for - we'll guide you through your brief to ensure your Campaign & Sales goals are met.



Influencer marketing should not be a shot in the dark, hoping for a good result. Working with FourieFamCam throughout the process ensures each Campaign achieves its goals over set timelines.

think tank.png


Each collaboration requires creative brainstorming to ensure the right theme, look & feel is created to suit a brand's image. A Brand's brief or marketing guidance ensures the campaign remains on point.



Timing is Everything! Uploads across a campaign are synced and timed to ensure the best reach and engagement in the Brand's chosen demographic.



Using a Brand's desired outcomes & sales goals FourieFamCam can plan a variety of content over an extended period to ensure maximum Brand exposure, Engagement & Sales.



We love that satisfying feeling when views, likes, follows and engagement start streaming in. Just googling our brand partners reveals our content on the 1st page. 

youtube video


facebook video.png








What FourieFamCam Brand Partners Say


—  Katy Mallory, Inventor/Owner SlumberPod

"a dad in a networking group we're in (small group of parents who invented products and are working to grow their businesses - like we are!) wrote us saying how much he loves you guys for your authenticity and energy - and how neat it was we got to work together - we agree!"


FourieFamCam Services & Average Fees

Click to see examples



Most Influencers don't sell content rights. But FourieFamCam understands that our content is valuable for your marketing needs & so we do offer the option for brands to purchase the video & images we create for your own use & to add to your marketing assets. 


YouTube Video: $225.00

Facebook Video: $75.00

Amazon Video $0.00 (included)

Questions & Answers



How long after we accept your proposal before content is uploaded?

The sooner you accept, make payment and ship - the sooner FourieFamCam can schedule you in. We work by the quarter - so will schedule your collab in the upcoming quarter if that meets your needs but this can be expedited on special requests to a few days.


How long does my Video stay up?

Forever basically! FourieFamCam does not remove content from any of our platforms so it will be there to stay.


I see some Videos of yours get more views than others, how can we guarantee a lot of views and engagement?

Apart from successful keywording, linking and SEO tactics that we use to promote our content it often comes down to the luck of the Google & YouTube algorithms. In exceptional cases, some videos go viral. FourieFamCam tries to focus on our energy on creating long-lasting content that boosts brand and product awareness and hopefully drives sales for each brand. We cannot guarantee views but we can guarantee brand awareness and product exposure in a professional medium that is useful to you the brand and any viewer or follower requiring information about your products. We have found that GiveAways tend to receive better engagement which boosts views and interest on the algorithm.

Brands can also assist in getting more views and engagement of their content by sharing links to the FourieFamCam content.


Can I pay to promote the Video or Social Media Posts?

FourieFamCam tries to maintain an organic viewership and following. However, brands are often interested in boosting views of their content to a specific audience or target market. FourieFamCam does provide the option where we can work alongside you in this effort by creating a promotional strategy for your content with analytics and feedback to ensure your marketing spend yields results.

Can I promote more than 1 product in a video?

Yes sure. Our standard YouTube collab allows for 1 to 3 products. If you wish to promote 4 or more products in 1 single video the collaboration fee is higher to accommodate the additional time required (see fees above)

Where do I ship the product?

FourieFamCam is a traveling family and so nailing us down to one location can be tricky. We do however having a shipping address in Miami, Florida and Cape Town, South Africa where the product can be sent. In 2021 we will also offer a Milan, Italy address for our European brand partners.



Is there a Collaboration Agreement to protect our interests?


Yes, we can provide you with our standard collaboration agreement. We are also happy to sign an agreement that you provide.


What information do you require from us for a collaboration?


FourieFamCam needs information on the product or service you wish us to review and promote. A list of your most important speaking points are always helpful. Please feel free to also add any ideas for the content that we may consider as well as any important notes e.g: what not to mention, or how not to showcase your product. This ensures that you are happy with the content and it saves us time in reshoots and editing. 

What do I need to send you?


Send us the product/s you wish us to feature in the content. If you have any swag like T-shirts, branded gear etc. send that too! We can possibly include this in our vlogs or wear it on the video. If you have any printed material which provides information on your product, send that too.

How do the GiveAways work?


GiveAways are a great way to increase engagement for a video or post & an excellent way to gain some extra followers for your own social media. 

FourieFamCam usually features GiveAways on Fridays so if you're interested in offering a GiveAway be sure to mention that to us so we can schedule you in. GiveAways are optional and cost the same as the usual collab fee. The brand decides what they are giving away and how many. Also the brand decides whether the GiveAway is open to the USA only, USA + Canada or International. FourieFamCam randomly selects a winner and announces the winner, usually after 2 weeks, on our Facebook page. If you would prefer to have people enter the GiveAway on a landing page that you create, let us know. The GiveAway prizes are shipped by the brand directly to the winner/s. If a winner does not claim their prize by sending us their shipping address within 30 days after being announced - a new winner may be selected.




What are your payment conditions?


FourieFamCam has 2 Payment options:


  1. On accepting the collaboration proposal the Brand pays the entire collaboration fee

  2. 50% on accepting collaboration proposal. 50% before content is upload.


What Payment methods do you accept?


FourieFamCam is able to accept the following payment methods:

  1. PayPal

  2. Wire Transfer

  3. direct deposit

FourieFamCam does not accept check payments.

Will FourieFamCam join our Affiliate Program?


FourieFamCam is an Amazon Associate and so for brands that do not offer affiliate partnerships and sell on Amazon FourieFamCam will automatically provide Amazon links and add your products to the FourieFamCam Amazon Influencer store. Many brands are able to receive a return on their collab fee simply from the revenue generated from FourieFamCam referrals. 

Apart from Amazon, FourieFamCam is also a member of ShareASale, CJ Affiliate & others.


Will FourieFamCam exchange services for free products?


At this time FourieFamCam is not accepting non-paid collaborations. You are free to propose and if our schedule should free up in the future we may consider this form of collaboration.

How Does it Work
Fees & Payment Cond.
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